About Us

  POLABEARAS KENNEL began back in 2000 when after  having  my 1st  German Shepherd  "Bella Kula, I realized  that this  was  the  breed meant for me. During my early yrs  of marriage, we  had  a dog but  I learned very quickly that the  German Shepherd is  such an exceptional breed  - loyal, protective and  true to their  owner & family. Kula was  a  traditional Blk & Tan female  but  she  opened my eyes to so many things  as well as  my heart. She  lived  to be  12  yrs old  before  passing away  on a  sunny day in May, leaving my heart  torn apart  with sorrow.

    When I was  a young girl, I had  seen a  gentleman walking  a  magnificent  German Shepherd  and  had  so prayed of  one day owning one  - little  did  I  know my wish would  come true yrs  later !!

   When our  children left  the  nest, we decided  it  was time  to "add" to our german shepherd  family (Kula) and  while  I was  doing my research I came across  the  White German Shepherd  Club of  Canada, joined the  club, and  met  Marion Lopizzo of  Furrari Kennels. I placed my name on  Marion's  waiting list for her  next  breeding and  on September 28th, 1998  Furrari's Banta of Polabearas came into the world !! I was  so extatic  about  my new  white  furbaby  and  Kula  was so happy , she treated her  like  her  own baby !!

   We  are situated in Eastern Ontario - in Alexandria Ontario, which is between Cornwall Ontario & Montreal Quebec. We  generally have  1-2 litters per  year. We do WELCOME  visitors but  do appreciate  a call in advance  to be  sure  we  will be  home !!


We are qualified to care for and train any type of pet, and have excellent training. We are experienced with dogs, cats, birds, rodents (rabbits are a specialty), reptiles, amphibians, and fish.


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